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Plan of attack for the first day of the summer holidays: eat unhealthy but delicious foods, attempt to harvest the radishes, read Lovely Complex until my ovaries burst.

I forgot how stressful Christmastime is to normal people. So far my Christmas preparations have consisted of painting on and writing in nine cards for my closest friends, thinking about doing the skype-circle Kris Kringle piece I owe a friend, inviting myself to phaes 's house for Christmas Eve and possibly bringing a present, and completely forgetting to offer my online friends anything because my internetting has been so patchy for the past...really long time. x_X

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WHO ACTUALLY HAS TO PUT EFFORT INTO CELEBRATING A HOLIDAY! Well, I'mma probably end up sketching a thing apiece for people on my flist. Tell me if there's anything in particularly you'd like? Otherwise, I'll pick a fandom and draw a pairing and that'd be pretty much that. C:
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I have the best of friends.

Thought I should throw that out there.

I was having an extended emotional breakdown today and my friends tolerated me, supported and inspired me. I already used up all my poetic juices typing away about ~myself~ on Skype, but seriously, guys: find your friends and give them a hug. Over the internet if necessary.

I've lived for over sixteen years and the power of friendship has never been quite so obvious to me. I don't even know who to thank, or how I could possibly thank them, for the amazing people in my life.

Choice selection of quotes:

Don't give up before you start because you're convinced you'll fall. Just keep on climbing.

You are to us what we are to you.

I want you to be happy. We all want you to be happy. I don't care if I have to do this once every few weeks as long as you get out of the rut of you thinking that you are some terrible person who shouldn't exist.
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Commission Information Sheet

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COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. :c (Forgive me, it's my last year of high school. The sheet also needs a rehaul.)

Things you can order
People, be they generic figures or OCs;
Things that are people-like, like elves and angels and mermaids and so on;
Animals, real or fantastic;
Fanart for any fandom as long as adequate reference is provided upon request.

There are things that I will say no to--things I feel I disagree with morally, or things I feel I absolutely cannot perform adequately on. If I turn down your request, please don't take it personally! I promise I'm not doing it to be vindictive.

Things that I am generally comfortable drawing include non-explicit nudity, blood/violence, and sexy things up to T (groping, strategically cropped pron, etc). (Quality advisory if you request the latter two.)

Prices - all prices listed in AUD [Australian Dollars]
PLEASE NOTE: all prices are guidelines only. I will not hesitate to go up or down depending on the complexity of the character/scene you request, but I will not do so without notifying you and coming to an agreement prior to commencing work on the piece. Take a look at the examples--not all of them would be done for exactly the price they're listed for.


Pencil sketch: $5 per figure

Pencil illustration: $8 per figure

Ink (optional: watercolour toned): $10 + $7/extra figure

Gouache illustration: $15 + $10/extra figure


Game tag or icon: $8 + 5/extra figure


Lineart: $10 + $8/extra figure

Flat coloured, abstract/solid background: $12 + $8/extra figure

Cellshaded, abstract/solid background: $15 + $10/extra figure

Painted, abstract/solid background: $20 + 15/extra figure

Full, detailed painting: $12 + $10 for each figure

Sketchy/speedpaint: $12 + $6/extra figure


Vector-style illustration: $10 + $5/extra figure

Please feel free to inquire about details on any of the above categories, or request I draw something that you don't see on that list.

When requesting

Provide as much or as little information as you want. You can give me anything from "draw me [subject]" to a detailed description of a scene that you already see very clearly in your head. For all options except the pencil sketch, I will show you a digital thumbnail (and colour scheme if applicable) before I begin work in earnest.

If you want me to draw one of your characters, please provide sufficient reference and/or an excellent description, and keep in mind I will likely keep pestering you for information until you tell me to stop.

Payment + other serious business

Unless you live in Sydney, all transactions must be made via PayPal to Please do not send payment as soon as you order; in many cases, I will request that you send the payment only after you have approved a WIP. When sending payment, please send in Australian Dollars, as a personal transaction.


I like to think of myself as pretty approachable, so please don't hesitate to ask questions, confirm doubts, request I add information that's slipped my mind as I'm making this post, and so on. :)
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Oh, hi LJ.

Tumblr ate my soul. ^^;

I have an artblog now! Which means I'm basically giving up the uploading of things to my LJ unless it is competed fanart; and speaking of that I still haven't finished crossposting my fma_ladyfest art yet. Relatedly my assignment for se_ladyfest is AMAZEBALLS so I'm looking forward to that. :D

In other news: gave up on NaNoWriMo after 2602 words, still procrastinating everything, done with the SC and by extension basically all schoolwork for the rest of this year, gearing up to open commissions for money and things.

So uh, just popping in to remind everyone I exist. I'll be disappearing into the aether of fannish obsession again now.
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So, I've been trawling through the Pit. And every time I visit it, it gets worse. IT'S LIKE A NEVERENDING CYCLE OF BADNESS THAT JUST GETS WORSE AND WORSE ALWAYS, AND NEVER ANY BETTER. I mean, I've read some truly amazing things on, so it's not that they don't exist; they just don't exist enough. And never in the places I want them to!

For instance, earlier today I was trying to find a Ling/Lan Fan fic that wasn’t bad in every imaginable way shape and form. I found exactly nothing. And the worst of all these bad things are the fics that are set in Xing but fail, on every conceivable scale, to get ANYTHING right about Ancient China.

IT’S PRETTY FRUSTRATING. I mean, these are not even the little details! They are the things that throw me out of the story arse-over-tit because uhh how can you not know this. And I know I am being biased and entitled because, well, I grew up in China, so I have something of an advantage over these people who have apparently never met a Chinese person in their lives. And yet.

Hello, my name is Pheonee, and I like to complain needlessly about unimportant things.

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- China is not America.
- China is not Christian.
- I am self-righteous and arrogant and enjoy complaining.

Also, that one fic in which Mei Chang called Ling "nee-san". (at this, I can only laugh.)
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I've wanted to do this for a while now actually

why do I not have a writing icon

I really want to be writing things, but the only thing I can think to write about is smutty LingFan, which (while it's all fine and good) isn't really all I want to be writing right now! And therefore:


You know the deal: claim a letter, give me a prompt starting with that letter, a pairing/character(s) to go with that prompt, and I will write you at least 100 words of fic.

My writing fandoms are, as you know, A:tLA, Tutu and Fullmetal Alchemist (requisite SOB). I'm also willing to write for Black Lagoon and TTGL. Any pairing at all is fine, but if it's not canon, I can't guarantee it'll make sense. >___>;

Because I don't think I even have 26 active people on my flist (l-lol?), I'm gunna set the prompt limit per person to three. Throw them at me!

A. Armour (Toph/Zuko), for phaes
B. Bait (Simon/Viral), for k1_sun
C. Clantestine (Roy/Riza), for juxtaposie
D. Day off (Hawkeye and Ed), for genarti
E. Estimate (Greedling/Lan Fan), for schellibie
F. Family (Ed, Al and Izumi), for juxtaposie
G. Gears (Uzura and Fakir), for genarti
K. Kids (Al/Mei), for schellibie
P. Parasite (GreedLing), for phaes
Q. Quee (Roy/Riza), for k1_sun
R. River (Scar), for genarti
S. Stories (Kimbley and Mustang), for phaes
W. Walking (Ed/Winry), for schellibie

NB: If, for any reason, you are not on my flist but nevertheless feel like requesting, you may go ahead and do so. :D
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A meme I should have filled out 500 months ago

From juxtaposie ! There may be mild splrz for FMA 108.

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And while I'm at it, here's sum things I pencilled before 108 was out and just got around to finishing.

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By the way, I'm still trying to formuate a proper Thinky Thoughts post about 108, but so far all I can come up with is how LOOK LOOK LOOOOOOK






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My life = so awesome right now

So, scanlations of FMA 108 are on the internet.

I have the first page open right now. I'm looking at it. It's magnificent.

How am I still coherent?

Well, the thing is, I made a deal with the capslock-keysmash part of my brain; and I told hir that if zhe allows me to make this grammatically-sound, semi-coherent-sounding post detailing some of the awesome bits of FMA (there are a lot so I can't cover them all, sadface), I will allow hir to capslock and keysmash as much as they want when I get around to reading the actual chapter (112 glorious, GLORIOUS pages of SOLID KICKASSERY).

So, without futher ado:

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And now, I will read the chapter. I am not spoiled for it. This will be a PERFECT EXPERIENCE.

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